It began in 2012 when “Magillan” and “The Doc” met at the playground of a primary school in Ottawa. While their kids were playing together after school and appreciating the beginning of that summer, the dads would chat and share their life stories. In the course of their conversation they discovered that their wives were relatives and that fact enhanced their relationship. It showed how small the world is and that you could run into someone from your own family whom you’d never met before!

Surprisingly enough, three years later, they got more proof of what a small world it is!  “The Doc” got an offer for a job overseas and destiny had it that it was the same city in which “Magillan” was settling down. The fact that they were both there from Ottawa gave them an extra reason to hang out and get to know more about one other. It was at this point that “The Doc” discovered his friend’s hidden talent for making a different and tweaked kind of pan bread. 

3Cents² makes pan bread inspired by the Middle East and South Asia, and was longtime back the equivalent of the normal price to get a pan bread out there.

3Cents² is also a reminder of the beauty of a simple life. The “square” that appears on the trade mark reflects a youthful spirit based on mathematics and innovation.


Both “Magillan” and “The Doc” worked together to transform the new idea into a legend to serve all types of communities.

The “pizza” started in Italy and has become a success story; the 3Cents² started in Canada and it’s already a tweaked legend!

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